Strategic Planning

At DJK, accounting, auditing and tax services are just the beginning.  We offer consulting services to help our clients with strategic planning, buying or selling a business, restructuring for improved efficiencies and planning for ultimately exiting a business.

Strategic Planning

We help you plan how to grow your business by developing longer term goals that will use your resources (financial and management) to get your where you want to be.


We assist you both as a buyer and a seller.

As a buyer we help with:

  • Evaluation of potential targets
  • Pricing a deal
  • Structuring a deal and deal terms
  • Due diligence
  • Business plans, financing/business proposals and business projections
  • Funding advice
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Competitive intelligence

As a seller we help with:

  • Assessment of advantages and disadvantages of a sale
  • Due diligence preparation
  • Pricing a business value of sale
  • Deal structuring
  • Earnouts, workouts and warranties
  • Working capital benchmarking

Restructuring and Managing to Improve Efficiencies:

All businesses strive to improve profitability.  We help improve efficiencies by restructuring to achieve additional benefits.  Sometimes circumstances lead to problems with profitability and growth.  We help by providing an evaluation of external and internal factors or obstacles affecting your company.

Exiting the Business

Starting and then growing a business are two of three major steps in having a successful business.  The third step, exiting a business is equally important.  Frequently little attention is paid to it until the moment arrives for an exit.  Planning an exit allows an owner to maximize the return after the investment and dedication to the business.

Whether you are considering transferring your business ownership to family members, employees, or outside parties, at DJK we work with you to develop a plan that meet your objectives and provides a clear path to transitioning your business.

If your objective is to continually seek ways to improve your business, planning makes the difference not only in running your business but also makes the difference between simply selling your business or having a very successful sale of your business.