Individual Taxation


Tax planning will save you money! All planning involves looking ahead to reach a specific goal. Tax planning is no different. Planning and executing a strategy to meet your financial objectives is our goal at DJK. And, we aim to save you more money in taxes than our fees if our strategies are implemented. The following are a sample of services we provide to do just that – save you money.

  • Year-Round Tax Planning & Consulting
  • Federal, Multi-State, & Local Tax Return Prep
  • Monitor & Communicate Pending Tax Legislation
  • Problem Resolution & Tax Authority Representation
  • Comprehensive Year-Round Tax Planning and Consulting

To save you money, timing is very important when it comes to tax planning. Fortunately, many tax strategies are available year-round for implementation that will save you money on April 15th. Our approach is all-encompassing where we look at your financial objectives at the beginning of the year, monitor changes in your financial status, and apply strategies throughout the year to save you money in taxes.

Preparation of Federal, Multi-State, and Local Tax Returns
Not only is planning vitally important to save you money in taxes, but so is compliance. Noncompliance with the IRS or state and local governments can cause you to spend money unnecessarily on penalties and interest when filing your tax returns. We have in-depth knowledge and experience with the filing requirements of Federal, multi-state and local tax returns.

Monitor and Communicate Pending Tax Legislation
With the ever-changing tax laws, we feel it especially important that pending tax law changes be monitored. When tax laws change, they don’t change at January 1st or December 31st; that would make things too easy. Tax laws can expire or take effect at any point during the year. Therefore, in conjunction with our year-round tax planning, to save you money and avoid an unexpected tax bill on April 15th, we monitor these changes and apply them to you as needed to ensure you are in full compliance with the tax code.

Problem Resolution and Tax Authority Representation
Many individuals and businesses in the Riverside County and Los Angeles County area have come to us for help in dealing with the IRS, state, and other local taxing authorities. We involve ourselves in problem resolution and representation, including Collection and Appeals representation, to assist you in minimizing the stress, runaround, and costliness of noncompliance. Don’t be afraid of these taxing authorities; we can help save you money.