At DJK, we help you recognize and deal with a variety of financial situations. We are bound by a stringent code of professional ethics and maintain objectivity and integrity in all engagements. We combine our extensive range of financial knowledge and experience to help you achieve your objectives.

Everyone has to give the tax man his due. But no one should pay more than they have to.

Marriage and Mergers, Divorce and Dispositions, Children, Education, Work and Business, Retirement, Birth and Death, Disaster and Good fortune —

No aspect of life has been overlooked by the IRS. It only makes sense to structure transactions for the most favorable tax treatment.

We have expertise in every area of federal and state taxation, and are able to represent clients at audits, should that unhappy situation ever arise. Immediate help is at hand.

  • Personal and business tax preparation
  • Experts in trust and estate matters
  • Payroll, property, sales and other business tax matters
  • Retirement and investment planning
  • Gifts and charitable contributions
  • Audit representation, offers in compromise and payment plans
  • Bankruptcy assistance